In fall 2023, students in TAM 2580 Apparel Computer Aided Design were prompted to apply the CAD techniques learned in class to develop a collection of 3-5 apparel items and 2-3 print designs for the Autumn/Winter 2024/25 season inspired by Ginger Rogers’ career from the 1930s through the 1980s. After viewing Rogers’ MHCTC garments and archives, students visited MU’s Special Collections and Archives to explore fashion illustrations, advertisements and articles found in period fashion magazines, translating these and other non-apparel items including artwork, architecture, nature, film, and more into their designs. WGSN was also used to perform trend research on the Autumn/Winter 2024/25 season and select a target market. Students utilized Adobe Illustrator software skills learned in class to develop flat sketches, illustrations and print designs to present in a digital portfolio, presentation, critique, and video statement detailing how the inspiration translated into their aesthetic decisions.





In alphabetical order: Auberry, LilaBrockhouse, SabraBrown, ElizabethBrunner, MargoCozzoni, AlyssaEubanks, BrynnGrant, MiaHarrison, SydneyHorstman, ChloeKeltner, ZoeMorgan, ShannonRettke, HannaScarpace, CarlieSouthard, Cailey

LILA AUBERRY Ginger Rogers x 1980s

“The Ginger Rogers x 1980s collection focuses on the Autumn/Winter 2024 season, taking inspiration from the 1980s and multiple aspects from the Old Hollywood actress Ginger Rogers. Throughout Rogers’ career, she advocated for women’s equal pay in the workforce. The Autumn/Winter season will revolve around the trend of women’s workwear in the 1980s to portray female empowerment and equality. Workwear in the ‘80s was all about power dressing, including shoulder pads, tailored blazers, and high-waisted pants. It focused on dressing confident and assertive. Upcoming trends forecasted for the Autumn/Winter 2024 season include an individualist feel, key to capitalizing on perennial preppy trends. The forecast focuses on uplifting colors and striking print combinations, which all tie into the design and print inspiration.”

“As for design inspiration, the use of polka dots will be consistently incorporated into the collection. The print inspiration comes from Rogers’ short film Tender Shoot, where the actress wore an iconic red and white polka dot silk satin dress. Lastly, when it comes to silhouettes and color selections, the collection will emphasize the upside-down triangle silhouette popular in the ‘80s, as well as vibrant neon hues and playful color combinations.” Print and color names: Tender Polka Dots Enlarged and Mini; Totally Tubular-Pink and Purple; Purple Rain; Pacman Yellow; Cool Black; Pretty in Pink; Neon Green; Bright White; Tender Purple


“This collection was first inspired by Ginger Rogers’ personal influence on her costume designs that were dramatic, playful and attention grabbing. Trends forecasted for Autumn/Winter 24/25 aim to achieve versatility by offering smart, casual and coordinated garments for seamless and hassle-free dressing. Incorporated also from forecasted trends are a few aesthetic influences, such as stealth wealth with a dash of disturbia. The fabrics are luxurious, using leather and silk, soft plisse, and fur accents. The “leggy” corset adds an edgy tone to the outfits, in cooperation with beetle and moth motif prints. By taking inspiration from the New Look, popular in the 1950s, the line will include strong silhouettes that play up the feminine physique and provide a sense of lavishness. The collection is targeted at youthful women, who lead busy social lives throughout the day and into night. The colors chosen are intended to be trans-seasonal, adding to the versatility of the garments.” Print and color names: Surreal Green; Galactic Lilac; Tranquil Blue; Deep Emerald; Flame; Pink Sorbet; Celestial Yellow; Cosmetic Pink


The Grand Reverie emanates a romanticized, almost make-believe feel that show business gave American people during hardships of the 1930s. Watching Ginger perform offered a form of escapism. Not only was her wardrobe magnificent, but she also gave people a sense of hope… something to dream of. The 1930s was a time of major change, especially in art and fashion. Art Deco was the defining style of the time, rolling over from the roaring 20s, so I knew I had to incorporate it. Dreamscape and otherworldly are modern aesthetics that I thought suited the ideas I want to convey within this collection. Traditional with a modern twist, these garments are made for play all the way to a soiree!” Print and color names: GenZ Purple; Rogers Toile; Dreamers Coal Dust; Top Hat Navy; Seafoam; ChrysDeco; Independence TRAMS?; Tennis Green

MARGO BRUNNER 9-to-Vibe: A Retro Revolution to Women’s Workwear

“This collection for the A/W 24/25 season is centered around 1960s women’s workwear with an emphasis on femme workplace fashion. During eh 1960s, society was rapidly changing for women. Although equity between men and women in the workplace did not exist, women were finally allowed in the office. Ginger Rogers was a feminist who demanded equity in her work as well, as Hollywood was dominated by men. Forecasted for the upcoming season, layering and color, as well as some style silhouettes are an up-and-coming focus. Layering, stackable knits and other widely recognized statement pieces bring attention with bold colors and patterns, or even a neutralized match-up. The 1960s were full of business casual with a touch of feminism, Mod fashion prints and various softer pastel colors. This collection creates contrasts between the color palette represented through bold colors and nostalgic Mod prints, and fun workplace styles with a playful twist, much like Ginger Rogers’ intricate costuming and casual glamour. This line will explore the sixties in combination with the new world, bringing back classic silhouettes with bold hues in a pleasing juxtaposition.” Print and color  names: Twiggy Mod Motif; 60s Geometric Drop; All-Up-In-Your-Business Plaid

ALYSSA COZZONI Wanted: Dead or Alive

“The Collection “Ginger Rogers: Wanted Dead or Alive” is a unisex collection inspired by the Missouri native and Hollywood star Ginger Rogers. The collection explores the hidden sparkle behind the life of a cowboy, pulling inspiration from Roger’s early life, the Hollywood Western genre, emerging fashion trends for the Autumn/Winter 24/25 Season, and the decade of the 1970s. Men’s fashion has become increasingly more flamboyant in recent years, a trend reflected in the 1970s, an era when unisex clothing became popular, and the male peacock phenomenon existed. Ginger Rogers herself was also known for always being over the top, and she represents the opulence of old Hollywood. Through this collection, Rogers is brought back to her roots n Independence, Missouri, by envisioning how Ginger’s extravagance would translate into a different medium using denim and men’s workwear styles. In the present, the line between men’s and women’s clothing is thinner than ever, and this collection dares to toe that line juxtaposing the ideals of masculinity and glamour.” Print and color names: Charcoal; Midnight Sky; Worn Leather; Fiery Rain; Tangerine; Clear Pond; Cloudy Day

BRYNN EUBANKS Vintage Love Notes

“This collection is directly motivated by Ginger Rogers’ non-traditional love life. Ginger spent her spectacularly busy life on the big screen of Hollywood; however, she devoted her time to finding true love. She eventually found herself experiencing five marriages, went through many hardships, and has held her faith and grace through it all. Barbara Hulanicki was the founder of the 1960s fashion label ‘Biba’. Her designs have a direct reflection of the strong and independent woman that Ginger Rogers was with her main elements of suits, collars, and large accessories. Trends from A/W 24/25 are expressed in colorways and prints such as lace, moody colors and buttons to create a dark and dreamy sense of love. This collection is made for women who want to feel significant and elegant throughout the celebration of her and her spouse’s marriage.”


“To be candid is to be captured in a moment being completely yourself. Ginger is known for her professional success as well as always being completely herself. Something that unites the 1960s woman, the modern woman, and Ginger is the struggle to work in a male-driven world while still being themselves. This collection draws from the need for identity in a corporate role and how a modern woman navigates that while still being “candid”. The 1960s was a time when women were able to join the workforce in great numbers than ever before. Women were defining their own workwear and navigating how that compared to their male counterparts. Similarly, as Gen-Z is entering the workforce, they are making an effort to do it with style. This collection will use Ginger’s trademark “gaudy” taste and the fun and lively style of the 1960s to create workwear for a fashionable Gen-Z woman now entering her first professional career. The colors chosen are representative of modern color trends, selected specifically to coordinate with those of the 1960s and with Ginger’s life in mind. Similarly, the forecasted trends chosen highlight traditional workwear. All of this coordinating to create one cohesive collection.”

SYDNEY HARRISON  Wherever Life Takes You

“My collection for Autumn/Winter 2024 is a captivating collection that draws inspiration from the infamous Ginger Rogers and her globetrotting adventures in the 1950s. After exploring travel within the early years of commercial aviation, I have decided that this collection will take a vibrant journey through the mid-century, capturing the essence of Rogers’ grace and style as she explored the world. The color palette I selected for this collection features shades of deep blue and soothing neutrals, reminiscent of the serene sea and sandy shores she encountered during her travels. The collection reimagines classic 1950s silhouettes with a modern twist, offering a range of exquisite dresses, two-pieces matching set, and accessories. The use of deep blue evokes the elegance of the evening skies over exotic destinations, while neutrals mimic the sandy beaches and historic city streets she explored. Each piece is designed to reflect 1950s charm while embracing contemporary comfort and functionality. The collection exudes a sense of timeless glamour, combining sleek lines, luxurious fabrics and patterns along with intricate detailing to capture the spirit of the era.”


“My collection is for mother of the brides and grooms, who, after spending a good sum of money on wedding events, seeks versatility and wants to feel her best in her gown on her child’s special day and other formal events. It draws from silhouettes worn by Ginger Rogers and other women attending glamorous events in the 1930s, seen in godets adding fulness to the bottom and print designs that will function as decorative embellishments to formalwear. Ginger embodied free and fun movement, and I want the fit of the garments to allow mother of the brides or grooms who want to dance their hearts out during the reception to do just that. The designs attempt to provide the elegant necessity for wedding attire and the modesty and coverage that many mothers of brides and grooms desire, all while bringing in fun aesthetics. In the 1930s, an emphasis on sleeves elevated garments and brought a fresh interest to the silhouette. I thought utilizing the affection for sleeves as decoration could translate nicely into providing the modern mother of the bride or groom the comfort she desired.” 

ZOE KELTNER Ginger Rogers Collection

“My Autumn/ Winter 2024 collection takes inspiration from Ginger Rogers’ and Old Hollywood Glamour. Even though during the 1940s Americans were faced with war-time efforts, the glamour of Hollywood offered an escape through film. Ginger is effortlessly breathtaking in the films in which she danced, and my designs in this collection reflect that. After my research through countless vintage magazines and drawing from her 1935 film with Fred Astaire called Top Hat, I was inspired by the immense detail in all of the looks. What caught my eye in Top Hat and magazine sources were designs of lingerie and luxurious night robes that gave such an allure to the viewer. The three classic designs I decided to include in this collection reflect the popular silhouettes seen in 1940s sleepwear and lingerie. For example, my corselette is a mix of the 1940s girdle and brassiere. The overall feeling of the collection feels lightweight but still gives drama.” 

“For the color palette, I stuck to dreamy colors like peachy pinks, nourishing greens, and pastel blues that were projected for intimates on WGSN for AW24. [These colors are shown in a “Ginger Floral” motif using gouache paint.} I also love a classic black and white to bring back the vintage feel of Christian Dior’s post-war new look. The overarching aesthetic of my collection is for the modern coquette girl who loves vintage influence and the drama of Ginger’s character “Dale” in Top Hat. Print and color names: Cool Matcha; Marshmallow; Ballet Pink; Glacial Blue; Tidal Teal; Nephrite; Fresh Mint

SHANNON MORGAN Illusional Ecstasy

“This Autumn/Winter collection draws inspiration from the extravagant nature of Ginger’s garments. The size and proportions of her garments accentuated different parts of her body that allowed her to stand out when she performed. The decade of the 1960s is another source of inspiration for this collection. The space-age theme of the 60s was very bold and flamboyant and this collection will contain these attributes that describe Ginger’s persona, as well. The use of shapes and cutouts in the ‘60s, along with Pierre Cardin’s use of space and line, created unique silhouettes and styles. Tying in the futuristic themes of the ‘60s, trend reports of ghostly illusions and surrealism pair nicely with this decade. The use of sheer fabric, abnormal shapes and proportions are key elements in these future trends. Quilting and garment cutouts are also themed throughout. This collection is futuristic with silhouettes of the ‘60s, textures from ghostly illusions and surrealism, and extravaganza from Ginger. Circular shapes and lines are apparent throughout this collection as well as bold colors with soft and rough textures.” Print and color names: Sapphire; Cream; Ruby; Bypass; Cigar; Smoke.

HANNAH RETTKE Live at Woodstock

The 1960s was a period of change and rebirth. In the midst of war, the civil rights movement, and political scandals, there was the birth of a countercultural movement that changed the trajectory of fashion. The influence of London’s “Swinging Sixties” and the “Eastern Hippie” led to a more casual and comfortable way of dress. The 60s was a period when peace was used to push back against the political unrest going on in the world, avoiding adversity with the use of arts and music. One of the best examples of this includes the infamous art and music festival “Woodstock” featuring stars such as Jimmi Hendrix, The Who, Grateful Dead, and more. Hundreds of thousands of people traveled to a dairy farm in New York to escape their lives and spread unity and peace while celebrating art and music. During this period, escapism became more and more prevalent through increasing numbers of films featuring stars such as Ginger Rogers.” 

“This collection embodies the freedom of dress through the celebration of art, featuring inviting patterns, colors, and silhouettes popularized in the late 60s and re-surfacing within A/W 24/25 predicted forecasting with a twist of eccentric flair observed in Ginger Rogers’ wardrobe. The emergence of repurposing and sustainable fashion is at the forefront of motivation for this line: nature-inspired pieces that motivate and spark new ideas to celebrate and unify the unique fashion showcased at Woodstock in 1969. Print and color names: Peaceful Sunrise; Bubblegum Bliss; Deep Night; Blue Skies; Grass is Always Greener; Color of Love; Warm Winter; Mocha Love; Cocoa Crochet; Wanderlust Crochet; Restored Harmony, Warm Knit, Mocha Knit, Bubblegum Knit


“My Autumn/Winter 24/25 collection captures inspiration from 1980s activewear for women. Along with my decade inspiration, I have decided to use Ginger Rogers, the famous performer from Hollywood’s Golden Age. I will incorporate Ginger’s strong feminine personality along with her elegant charm as a woman. She was always extremely confident and genuine as she was unmistakably herself. My collection will focus on providing athletic wear for all women that allows them to feel like a strong, confident women. My athletic wear line will consist of colors from popular 1980s wear which is then muted into a pastel in order to coincide with inspiration I took from the trend reports for Autumn/Winter 24/25. Along with these soft colors, I will also use ideas from the trend reports to create a soft feminine feel with use of bows and lace trims. I am aiming for a clothing line that works well for different activities while still having a soft, womanly look.” Print and color names: Ballerina Pink; Creamy Pink; Dream Blue; Cloud Blue; Glossy Green; Glowing Green; Precious Purple; Graceful Grey; Floral Fantasy; Striped Sensation


“This collection takes inspiration from the A/W 24/25 season, the 1950s, and iconic American actress, Ginger Rogers. Ginger spent much time getting ready, and a woman like Ginger doesn’t just wear a baggy t-shirt to do her hair and makeup. Ginger keeps her extravagant and luxurious look, even off the stage. The Vintage Blues collection consists of a variety of elegant lingerie like Ginger would have worn, portraying the old money aesthetic from the 1950s. The designs are suitable for sitting out by the water on the east coast or an intimate boat ride, while making a woman feel her best. [Prints and patterns reflect sea shells, sailor stripes and Art Deco shell-like designs.] The intricate and delicate print designs of the garments take inspiration from the 1950s and are in the trend forecast for A/W 24/25. Vintage Blues takes a combination of inspiration from the 1950s, A/W 24/25, and Ginger Rogers to create a collection of timeless pieces for the confident coastal woman.”