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Popular Pandemic Fashions Show Off Quarantine Style

quarantine style fashion showBy Jashayla Pettigrew, Vox Magazine
March 22, 2021

Athleisure and causal comfy clothes are all in style this spring after the pandemic changed the comfort game, and we’re all here for it

Fashion has always managed to find a way to adapt and evolve to whatever is happening in the world. For example, World War II had a significant influence on the way people dressed, especially women. While the men around them were enlisting for war, the women had to make adjustments to their own lives, which meant fulfilling the roles traditionally taken on by those men. Women ditched their traditional garb for clothing that was considered more masculine, such as jumpsuits, overalls and slacks. This generation’s crisis — the COVID-19 pandemic — has prompted people to change their style, too.

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